Natural light lamps on sale

Went to JoAnns today to pick up some things like glue, ribbon, etc. My daughter happened to see the lamps on sale and asked me if that was what I needed. They had some on clearance so I got a natural light desk lamp that I can move from room to room for only $20. So now I can work on dolls a lot easier. No more having to find a sunny spot or just guessing at the shade things should be. Or at least I’m hoping it helps. I haven’t gotten it out to play with it yet.

Think I pd. that or more for just a natural light bulb at Joann’s. You did good.


Was it OTT?

It says Creative HD OttLite. Can be tabletop or clamp-on. Has a florescent light bulb about 6 inches long. Lamp is about 14 inches high. So it isn’t big but I needed something I could put on the headboard or a nightstand or a table. Says Ottlite 508 illumination where it says the light bulb is included.

I use and Ott that I got a Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon… it is a table lamp with a “crook” that can be bent and positioned… I do like it, but natural light is still better…