Native American Baby

I just wanted to share my reborn Suri, he is done as an Native American baby. I was doing a Fall Scape in my front yard this week, and decided to
add him, for some Photo Shots.

I have to thank Angelsunawares, for her class on the Native American sculpt. I know i’m late in posting this but his hair is Alpaca, that is dyed by me and is soooo baby fine and silky. I also have to thank kayskids] of this forum, for the beautiful costume he is wearing. It is amazing and she has sewn on beads and embellishments complete with a windcatcher! Hope you enjoy.


love him!!!

i am rooting my native american baby now w/ alpaca hair!! i didn’t get a cool indian outfit though cause i ran out of dolly dollars maybe in a few weeks:)

Wow Everything is Just Beautiful. You chose a great sculpt to make into an NA, the costume is perfect and whole autumn scene is so fitting. Your photos are great and I always like it when people post several. I love his moccasins.


Wow, impressive. I love the baby and the scene.

Everything about him is adorable! I love the Fall scene, too.

Hey thanks everyone, so glad you like the pictures! I ordered the costume way back when kay of kayskids first showed them on here. I jumped at the chance of doing the Native American baby when I saw that announced. It was a perfect chance to use the outfit. This is a first for me using “Suri” for a Native American reborn. He is just adorable and so real looking especially when holding him. The pictures just do not do him justice, I have never taken photos of him until now. Again, Thanks for the comments ladies!

Absolutely Precious and Adorable!

He is so precious. I love his outfit. His coloring and hair look great too.

     Hugs Tina

Aww, thanks to each and everyone of you. So glad you like this little one.

Thank you Karen on your comment on my “Noe”, I love that one! My sister trys to steel him everytime she comes to visit! Lol I just finished another one of Noe in Lara’s class recently, still have to root her/his hair yet, it has been slow going this summer but hopefully I will have it done soon. Lara , classes are great and so fun, she is a wonderful teacher.

Your baby is adorable, so well done. And I love the hair! The outfit is so well made, with lots of time spent on it. We have several indian tribes and reservations here in Utah: Navajo, Hopi, Piute, Ute-- and dreamcatchers are common. I have several, and it was great that you placed one with your reborn.

Indian mamas are supposed to have placed them above a baby as it slept, to catch the bad dreams…

Your baby looks beautiful so well done!

I love him and the pictures are beautiful!

What a wonderful display. Suri makes a
perfect little Native American Baby. Way to go Diane. Kay

I so appreciate all of you comments! Especially from fellow reborners, put a big smile on my face girls.

I love the story about the “Dream Catcher”, I have my own personal one!
While in Townsend/Gatlinburg area of TN, about two weeks ago , I talked to a couple who are Native American Cherokee, It was very interesting to chat with them. I have been doing research on the Cherokee Tribe, of the Smokey Mountains area. There are still many who stayed in the area and escaped being marched West in the famous “Trail Of Tears”.

This little guy is fashioned after a Native American Cherokee baby, spiked hair and all! Lol I did do some tweaking on his coloring to my own liking, for those who took the class. That is what I love about the reborn classes, it gives you the basics to follow yet still lets you be your own guide as to how you want it to look.

— Begin quote from “kay’s kids”

What a wonderful display. Suri makes a
perfect little Native American Baby. Way to go Diane. Kay

— End quote

Hey Kay…I told you eventually I would find a baby to dress in your adorable little outfit. It is adorable and made so well to. The moccasins looked so cute on him, I forgot to show his cute little toes! I love your little creation, it truly made him look like the real thing. : )

Love that baby!

Wildrose, I’ve loved reading all your followup posts about your baby. There are just some topics that you have to go back and look at the pictures and enjoy all over again. Yours is one of those.

I hadn’t really thought much about doing a Native American, but I’m entranced with yours. I’m from Yakima WA. A boyfriend gave me a TV and since I didn’t really care about TV, after I broke up with him, I traded the TV to a Yakima Indian woman for a pair of custom made moccasins. I remember her drawing around my foot on a brown paper bag. I loved those slippers and have no idea what became of them. Although I donated a bunch of costume items to a high school for plays and I hope they are there.

I’m supposed to have a Cherokee grandma in my family and since my mother had olive skin and stick straight hair it may be true. So now my Suri that I have on order from Lara, I think will become a Native American. Just last month I bought a bunch of tiny beads to put on pacis and realized I had WAY too many. Now I have a new purpose. So you have influenced me and I’m sure many others with your marvelous creation.

Wow Lyndie! I am just blown away after reading your post! Thank you
for sharing that story. I also am told that I have a ggggg-Grandmother who was one half Native American Cherokee. I grew up hearing stories about her
from my paternal grandmother, who was her descendant. I know she existed because of our genealogy records. Isn’t it amazing what we can learn from each other.

also… Thank you Angie, for the lovely comment, I hope I haven’t left anybody out.

My father who was a college prof told me everyone on the planet is a 9th cousin or closer. In other words we are all related- strange huh?

My paternal Granny is part native american also she originated from Pennsylvania (sp?) looks like transylvania) and not sure what tribe that would be?