Native American Baby - - -

I just got a request for a Native American baby. If you have made one, who did you use - - - - please and thank you.

Looks like Avery. Do you think Shyann would work or Kyra? Anyone else have photos for inspiration?

Look at Riley. She looks American Indian.

@djjessie228 made a Scarlet as an NA baby:

Shoot, the picture is gone. Might want to ask her about her experiences.

Oh yeah - that was another one I was thinking of - and I have a body here :). Do you think Riley would be okay as a boy with those slender limbs? Think they are too feminine???

oooooh - I like the Scarlet sculpt. That would probably make a nice boy.

But is Riley’s limbs too girly???

Did they perhaps give you a picture? Depending on where you are in the country you may have a different thoughts on what kits work.
You can use Shyann with different limbs, Blaze, Violet, Aubrey, Holly, Scarlet, Rowan, or Riley quite well.

Riley does have very slender, feminine limbs, I found (at least, her arms and hands). I wonder if you could take her head and just use different limbs?

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I have given my customer the names you all have given me so I’ll wait and see what she thinks and go from there.

Here are some of the Native American reborns that I have done from the BB kits. I think Shyann and Sweet Pea Awake would make nice NA reborns also.

Brea 1

Brea 2




I used Riley. She made a good bi racial Native American.

She chose RILEY as a boy. Thanks everyone. I hope I can do this one justice. Then I will need to find some proper clothing for him.


I think I am going to use Cutie arms to replace the “skinny, girly” Riley arms, tho. Hoping they will match up with Riley legs.

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I used used grant. He’s out of stock but if you can get one he came out awrsome

I’m Native American and French (I know what a combo) you did an excellent job. Most Native American babies have chubby cheeks. I have seen quite a few in my family members. Especially the ones who are full Native American. You got the color just right. I can imagine how hard it was to get it looking like this. They also have big Brown to almost black eye color. Great Job!

@kmstc2934 Thank you for your kind comment. I also have Native American ancestry from the Nipmuc tribe of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Brea 2 I designed his outfit in the Nipmuc style and donated him to our council for a fund raiser. I want to make a girl with the ribbon dress (Native American style) which will be one of the projects on my list.

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That will be pretty. I hope you post a picture when you get her done. Our family comes from west Virginia and parts of California. Mostly from Virginia my grandmother is full Cherokee. I don’t remember what tribe my grandfather was. My father is from France. Our family photos are interesting as out of 16 kids some definitely look Native then you have the milk white French. :slight_smile:

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There was a lady who used to be on BB (not sure if she made the move over to the new site) who made several dark skinned Native American babies using the Paisley sculpt. Her’s always looked very nice and that seemed to be the perfect face for it.