Narvia Dior kit assembly?

Hi, Has anyone put together a Narvia Dior doll kit? I don’t know where to find the assembly instructions. I tried You Tube, Google, cant find anything? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

These are the instructions I received when I purchased mine.

Here are the instructions for the assembly of the Narvia Dior kit. You can print or copy as many as you need.

Assembly Instructions for Narvia Dior

  1. assembly kit includes 1 large connector hook,2 small connector hooks, elastic stringing loop

  2. take elastic loop and large connector. Insert large connector into head, being careful not to drop the connector into the head as it can be a challenge to get it back out.

  3. hook top of stringing loop into connector hook.

  4. feed elastic through torso and pull head into position.

  5. use a stringing hook, forceps or similar item to pull the elastic loop through arm hole

  6. insert small connector into arm hole again being careful not to drop connector into the arm hole

  7. pull elastic string through the other arm with stringing hook, forceps or similar item and insert connector into arm being careful not to drop into arm hole

  8. grip end of string firmly with one hand and with other hand grasp one of the strings at the end and pull to tighten the loop

  9. adjust as necessary but do not over tighten

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Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me, and for the detailed instructions. Tiffany :0)