Name this puppy :-)


M daughter loves the most recent ghostbusters movie and thinks it would be hilarious to name a dog Mike Hat.


How about Rocky or the Hulk. If your house is anything like mine with Lizzie and her long-haired dachshund sister Lulu, he and Lexi are going to be wrestling and rough-housing all day long! That and seeing if they can both fit in the same doggy bed!


My shitzu and yorkie do the same, play and wrestle all day.


It’s eat, play, potty and nap over and over again here all day long!!! My Lulu lead a quiet life until she got a baby sister!


How about Peanut Butter Cup, and you could call him Peanut for short.


Beautiful! My two are Reggie (gray and light tan) and Jazzy (Black and tan). Reggie is 3/4 Yorkie and 1/4 Lhasa. Jazzy is Chihuahua mixed with something and the vet thinks she is part Yorkie.


. This is Ginger. Very spunky lady!!


He’s so cute! He looks like my neighbor’s yorkie Fido that my dog likes to annoy lol


I would say wait until you get him and watch him for a few days, a name will come to you to fit his personality!! Good Luck. He’s adorable. My sister had a yorkie for 16 years, broke her heart when she passed.


Awe so precious :blush: What about Snickerdoodle? Butters? Butterscotch?
My 3 year old is seriously the best pet namer :blush: I’ll have to get her suggestion tomorrow :wink:


Hey how about Broozer!! (how do you spell bruiser)?? Brutus? Dandy? Tiny? He’s gonna be big man on campus, for sure!!


I agree, Lynn! I do like Bruiser (or Broozer) too :slight_smile:


Thor. heehee


That’s a good one! I have a kitten named Loki and I told my mom our next animal has to be Thor lol


My next 2 will be…rhino and wino :grinning::heart:️:kiss: I want douge de bourdeauxs. I forgot to mention I had a rescue Yorker named Clyde! Like… right turn Clyde… Lololol I can’t wait to meet your pup!!! I still vote for Reece’s!


Three names come to mind. Gizmo, Pookie, or Wicket. He’s painfully cute!


He’s the cutest little thing! I always named my pets after the kids from the Little Rascals. So I had an Alfie, a Spanky a Darla and a Weezer.
My grandson is all about Star Wars and just named his new kitten Boba.
How about, Chewie , Solo, Wookie or Jawa.


He looks like a Reese cup to me. So maybe Reesy. I must be hungry. :grin:


Chewy from Star Wats would be perfect since he looks like Chewbacca!! He also looks like an Ewok.