Name this puppy :-)




Toby. My mother had a yorkie named Toby.




Mitchell or Jason or Tyrion Lannister Terrier




Awww, he’s a handsome little guy! We got a female yorkie pup about a month ago and love everything about this breed. We named ours Lizzie Lovebug, but not sure about what you should name yours. We had to live with Lizzie for a day or two before we figured out the right name for her.lizzie%20after%20shot%2031


I already have a little girl who turned 1 in August. Her name is Lexi and it took a few days of living with her to pick a name too. Lizzie is adorable!


I like Banjo a lot!


Look at those adorable ears♥️


Adorable puppy. My first chocolate poodle was named Hershey. I see Reese has been suggested, since he looks like a peanut butter cup, so I’ll second that one. Also, how about Morsel. I knew someone who named their little brown dog that and I thought it was so cute and original.


I have Goose, jimmy choo ( toodles), Stonewall, Tinketbelle and Pizza!
I love naming pups!!!


These suggestions are great everyone! Many of these I have not thought of. My friends overwhelmingly think he should be named Teddy (Bear). I have one eccentric friend that thinks Beauregard, Beau for short, would be perfect. Her husband votes for Thibodeaux. I should note that their dogs are named Smeagol, Boudreaux, and Domineaux…so they like the uncommon names.


Beau would be adorable!


Don’t forget to tell us what you choose!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning: Reese’s pieces is really cute!!!


I’ll definitely let everyone know. Heck @nikkiroc, you are close enough for a visit since I have to pick him up in LaPorte!


Yay!!! Ok!!! That’s right by me!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::kiss:


You could change to Hershel and hit two birds if you like The Walking Dead :wink:


She’s an over-achiever in the ear department for sure. I think her ears are hilarious. She may be part rabbit! LOL


What about Fluffles?


D.O.G (dee-oh-gee)?