Nail Bed pen

Has anyone tried the Jelly Roll White pen for nail beds? I just got mine from DD and tried it out on my practice leg and it works great…don’t know if it needs to be baked (I would guess it does) but it sure is easy and looks good too…thought I would pass along unless this is “old news”…lol


Can you post a pic of what the painted nail looks like? I know DD paints are air dry and if you heat them they turn orange so this pen may be air dry too.

Angie, the pen is not DD paint…it is actually made by Sakura in Japan…I have seen them before in the scrapbooking stores, if that hels.


Its just a regular gel pen like you can get at Michaels…it works nice enough but the color is to white, not realistic IMO…now if they came up with an off white I would be so happy!

I have used the gel pen and it is very white so what I do is do the tip first then I take the pinkish color for the nail bed and add glazing gel to the pink and then I do the whole nail bed and tips with that it makes the nails look very natural. I don’t have a picture handy right now but if you try it I think you will love the look.

Okay. Not interested in gel pen then. I don’t think they stay on too well. I will keep doing what I have been.