Mystery of the Broken Doll!


So, yesterday I was leaving to pick up my youngest, but noticed a Nike shoebox on the bench on my front porch. I went to check it out and discovered a doll with a missing arm inside. No note. No labels. Nada… I asked my little neighbor girls, but they said it wasn’t them. I even posted on my FB, but no one has claimed responsibility. It’s a real who dunnit! Here is little Miss No Name. What do you think the story is? Should I remake her? I need ideas!


Hmm… They must know your an doll artist and hope you can fix it? Cute doll.


Maybe… but who does t leave a note? :joy: I have weird neighbors, I guess. Or am I the weird one??




Unless its haunted and they are getting rid of it! :joy: no I’m kidding…half way… Lol.


Take out the eyes and use them LOL


Annabelle? Oh no!


Boy that is strange.




I think somebody( whoever is a mystery for sure) left her hoping you could fix her arm for them .lol


give her an arm and put her back in the box on the porch ?


Audrey says it was a leprechaun! :joy: It is March! Hmmmmmm


It might be a child hoping you can fix it. You could put the box back on the porch with a note asking if they’re giving it to you.


That’s an odd situation for sure! Where would you get a fitting arm for her, though?
She’s got a sweet face, let’s hope she’s no Annabelle! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you have a curious neighbor that knows you are creative with dolls for sure…and possibly, since they left no note or instructions…You have the next move…It is a mystery, really, with another person…a smaller person, per say…I’m thinking…itsa challenge to fix her and create her into something original :grinning:


LOL! Too cute. I would buy another doll same size as her and swap both her arms for the new ones, make her cute little dress with panties and put her back in the boxand on the porch again.

Clearly your neighbours’ kids believe you are Doctor McStuffins. Just put a note: Handle with care. But I am not a toy doctor. " Otherwise you will be fixing broken cars (what my son makes me do all the time just like a few minutes ago) and torn teddies.