My WIP Precious Gift, Now Charlea *added pictures***


Added pictures . Just waiting for him (i think its a boy now with hair) to dry so I can put him together!

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Katy - you did good! But, she needs eyelashes!


I know . those will come when she is rooted


Just realized how the angle of the laptop changes the color. Thought she had grey blotches at first but didn’t want to post that and hurt your feelings. Then I moved my head and wow, what a difference. She’s a cutie … from the right angle…long day!


haha yeah no gray! she has a couple colors in her skin, blue, red, pink, purple, but no greys .


Katy, she looks mah-va-lus! PG is my all time fav so I’m dying to see her finished! I can’t wait to do another one, I just love that little face!


oh Katy…you’ve arrived!!! You have the colors perfect and I keep looking at your little boy with his beautiful sparse hair and it’s perfect!!! if your new little Charlea has hair like that she’s gonna be GORGEOUS! keep posting picture updates. we want to follow this one!


added pictures in the first post


Katy what hair are you using. it’s perfect!


The ruby red stuff from bountiful baby.


Wow! Awesome job!


She looks great with hair! It makes a huge difference. Now I definitely want to get braver with my painting…bawk, bawk, bawk…if I don’t “chicken” out!


She is precious. I love the coloring.


He is absolutely adorable!!


This is one of my favorite reborns I’ve seen yet.


Looks so awesome you did an outstanding job on everything


She so cute. The hair is amazing. I can’t wait to get better at rooting.


Adorable!!! what a great job.
I am just a beginner but I can only hope that I will get that good. (Someday!)


Beautiful Baby!!!, I am currently working on a Precious Gift kit myself I hope it turns out as nice as yours.
i just love this sculpt. One sold on ebay for a couple thousand dollars!


I saw that! PG seems to be a good seller. I just sold one upwards of 500 so I HAD to make another!