My WIP Joshua


Hi guys! This is my Joshua. I’m still working on his lips which have been giving me a bit of trouble. I struggle with painting lips. He still needs lashes, brows and hair of course which is on its way from Slumberland. I think I need to add some more veining. Pardon his lack of a body, I’m in the process of getting that too ) Any suggestions from anyone on what else I might need to do?


Take the bow off of that poor boy’s head… I agree that perhaps a bit more veining… but overall, it is a very nice baby you have going!!


HE is looking very nice…is it really a boy? or are you trying to confuse him
I love that face!!!

Your nails are perfect. Just barely there…just the way I like them and the coloring over the bridge of the nose is great!!! I can’t wait to see him when he is put together with hair and clothes.


Wonderful job! I love the way the area above the upper lip; makes me think that he/she just finished a bottle! Love it!


Looks really nice. What sculpt is it? Are you sure you aren’t secretly wishing for a girl?


Wicked cute


Thanks guys for your kind words and tips and yes I’m secretly wishing for a girl hoping not to confuse him in the process LOLOl. It’s the Joshua kit from Reva Schick!! Why is the picture upside down?? That’s not how I posted it. Lol


He is looking great. Can’t wait to see him finished.


You did a great job on the depth in his face, very realistic!


This sculpt is adorable. Who is the sculptor? I think you did a really good job from the pics. It’s hard to tell if you need more veining. Instead of adding veining, you could add a blue/purple mottle if you haven’t done that already. However, I usually like to place my blue/purple mottle under my pink and red mottles. Anyway, I like what you have done.