My website....
Did some updating this morning; not sure where I’ll go with this but please take a peek and see what you think & become a member, all are welcome ~ thanks!

Looks great Karen!

Thanks, Ginny ~ between websites and there’s GOT to be a way around Evilbay

Your website looks very professional. And so many pretty babies! I very much enjoyed seeing all your beautiful work.

What beautiful babies. You are very talented. I enjoyed browsing around the website, it looks great.

Very nice, Karen. And REALLY nice photos of those adopted babies!!!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to have a look; I appreciate it!


What a beautiful huge family! Love the straight hair on some of them, it is exactly what I wish I could find. Where did you find straight at that doesn’t end up looking fuzzy after it dries? One suggestion is to add a photo on the available babies page so it doesn’t show “double click to add a photo here”. Maybe a sad face with the note that “No babies are available right now. Please check back later.” Other than that, great website. I noticed it was goodwife…my hubby would want me to use “paininmya…”! I love to drive him crazy!

Liza Minelli??? WOW…thanks…never got that one before! Of course you mean when she was a lot YOUNGER, right??? NOT the LM from Oscar night???

Thanks for the nice comments, ladies ~ I’ll try and do a “no babies available” pic – such a great idea! You’re the best!!!

I love it Karen!!!
Now I want one like yours!
Was it much trouble to set up?

It was pretty easy, Katie – except now I am wanting to add a “no available babies at this time” text to that page and can’t figure out how. Grrrrrrrrrrr…