My Very First Feed Back!

I have sold 3 out of the 5 babies I have made and so far have heard back from 2 of the mommies…and they both loved them Yay I am sooooo relieved I had been holding my breath… Now I can relax and have a great Christmas!!! And as soon as Christmas is out of the way I have kits to buy and babies to make!!!

Yay! Good for you!

GREAT! Have a wonderful Christmas and I LOVE your Nod!

The Third mommy wrote me and she is even more excited than the others!!! I am on cloud nine!!!

After all that hard work, you certainly deserve to be on Cloud 9! Savor the moment and have many more!

That’s so wonderful, Brandy! I love your Nod, too! Congrats on the sales and feedback…can’t wait to see more of your babies. Merry Christmas!