My Two latest TREY and La Newborn

Hi Ladies …I wanted to share my latest to see what you think but I still can’t upload my pictures so here are the ebay links for you to see…
First Trey this was my first time painting hair what do you think??? … :MESELX:IT
Next my little easter Girl from a La Newborn doll … :MESELX:IT
Take Care!!!
Gina J

Wow, Gina -
Trey’s hair came out really nice. I haven’t seen painted curls - mostly just straight. But you did a great job - he is real BOY.

And the girl - oh my, she is soooooo cute. Love her (real) curls, too .

Now my question is :::: Has anyone done Trey as a girl? I have a kit here and want to make it into a girl. Did one as a boy.


Thank You Judy I was not sure about the curls on Trey
I thought about doing Trey as a girl also but I saw a picture of a girl Trey on ebay and did not care for him as a girl I felt the girl Trey had a boyish face.

Thanks Again!!

Gina J

Your babies are very cute.

what a great job love the hair and your first one .