My twins


they are so precious, were they hard to root? did you have to use a rice sock and are they any softer than the other berenguers were? they are really adorable


wow they are gorgeous, how much are them babies at kmart, they look so good,


Do you have before pictures of the twins they are just adorable…

They are so cute. I just love them chunky little legs.

        Hugs tina

Awww…they are adorable. I guess I’ll have to make a trip to Kmart.


How big are they…they look like a good size but pictures sometimes are deceiving.


Thank You Mimi!
I’m gonna have to go check out the KMart store, they are adorable & you did a fabulous job on them!


Did you replace their eyes, or keep the ones they came with? Thanks.

Those two are just adorable! Great job on them.