My taylor what do you think? … 3a58f98cc7

you did a great job. I wish you luck on your auction. I hope you make lots of money off of her.

Most of your pictures are not showing. The ones I could see were adorable.

She is so adorable and amazing! Those eyes are beautiful and so is the baby. Love her hair. What kind of eyes are they?

Incredible my dear. I gotta do a Yarie. Or maybe buy yours?

WOW totally amazing , the eyes are so really looking what kind are they. great job marlene

Thank you all so much I got her eyes from here bountiful they are the newborn blue…I think

She is beautiful!

I couldn’t see many of the pictures, but the ones I could see show that she’s a beautiful reborn! You did an amazing job on her. I love her eyes and hair. Best of luck with the auction; I hope she flies for you.