My Sweet Babies

Here are my sweet babies in my collection. I have a awake baby on the way! Let me see yours!

Edited to add*** Zuri is created by Infant Inspirations, Dustin, Jade and Mathilida created by Alicia’s Angels.

Here are my daughter’s collection.


Yall have some wonderful babies! My favorite is Mathilda.

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Thank you! Mathilda is my favorite too. Her name is Roo. :heart_eyes:

Lovely collection! My fave is Zuri :heart_eyes:


Lovely collection

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Very nice collections

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Oh, you are who bought my Zuri painted kit!! Awwww, thank you! Such a nice surprise to see her all put together. :heartpulse: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

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Just finished this sweet baby today. I’ve never permanently kept a doll before, but I know in my heart, this is the one


yes, He is lovely!!!

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ohhhhhh he is beautiful!!!

Beautiful collection :heart_eyes:, Your daughters collection is sweet too

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Gorgeous collection! :heart: Just a few of my babies. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aweeeee They are so sweet! Love the little girl in the bouncer.