My swap baby's here

i want to thank trapple 575. she’s beautiful. i’ll try to post pitcures later.

Tonya makes exquisite babies! Can’t wait to see her

Can’t wait to see … Her babies are beautiful …

Hi Ladies I am not sure way Jamie3024 has not posted pictures she must be pretty busy. I have had a few Ladies PM me to see the baby I sent so here are a few pictures of her!

Oh she is beautiful Tonya , Jamie was lucky to get one of your reborns in the swap …

thank you so much ladies!!!

I haven’t had time to post the pitcures because my mom had surgery to fuse her ankle. I see the Tonya beat me to posting some pitcures. Thank you for posting some pitcures.

I know you must be busy! I had a few Ladies ask me to post so I did hope you didn’t mind!!! Hope your mom is doing OK!!!

That’s fine and she’s doing better than yesterday.

she is so beautiful

Thank you so much Ladies!!!

Shes just incredible!