My swap baby is coming right along

have a great trip and be safe !!!

Hope you all have a great time together!! Be safe!!!

I hope everything works out. Have fun.

Hi (((Karen))),

Fla is my home, my mom is still there and I plan to return there soon to live permanently! I hope your trip proves to be wonderful and the reunion between your mom and brother healing. I would love to know how it all goes. Please stay safe if you are driving.

Karen, I hope your time will be blessed in so many ways. I am sure you are both excited and nervous. We will be waiting to hear how things went. Have fun.

— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

…we’ve got a 3 1/2 hr. layover in Dallas.

— End quote

Karen -

Too bad they don’t let you go back to the gates any more… I live just west of Dallas and would come hang out with y’all if it was still allowed!
Have a wonderful visit with your brother and I know that it will be a very emotional time for your Mom.

God bless,


Have fun on the trip!!! Let us know when you are back! =)

Posted twice…

Whew! I am almost halfway rooted my baby. Rooting is not my favorite thing to do lol but seeing the progress is always worth it. Can’t wait until its finished. I ususally don’t finish most of my babies or they take a really long time but I guess I gotta finish rooting his one huh lol? I still have a ethic babys head that is 3/4 rooted from a class back in June lol.