My swap baby arrived today! Pic intense

Want to open the pkg with me

Here we go…

she was packaged oh so well!

A very sweet handmade card

Love the little papoose swaddling blanket. I think someone makes the on here.

Isn’t she precious! Not sure what sculpt she is.

she is very snuggly!

My secret swap partner is acutually who I had ironically: Nuturing naturally aka Chelsea Thanks so much for the extra goodies and for a very sweet baby.I hope you are enjoying your Shyann equally as well. Oh please tell me what sculpt this is…I’m not good at guessing…lol

ooooo i just want to hold her, she is darling!!!

is she bb’s kaya, ot sure w/o looking…

each group had one set where they had each other, that is just how it worked out,lol.

Wow, really, it’s such a lovely baby girl!

I love her!

Oh I just bought a Kaya. I wasn’t to thrilled about her, but now after seeing yours I’m a little more excited. She is a cutie.

Yeah, she is Kaya, glad you like her! I think there are at least a couple gals on here who make the swaddle papose, but I made that one. I thought the colors went with her coloring, and her outfit so well!

That’s a sweet little one! Congratulations!

I wasn’t sure on the sculpt. I looked at the neck and it has the cutest little foot print and 19977 molded into the neck. I didn’t see a BB on it so that is what threw me off I think… You did great on that papoose. I wish I could make them