My Spencer by Joanna Gomes



Awe… he has a “Marissa May” face doesn’t he… reminds me of her sculpts… That is a darling baby you have done and I love the vintage type outfit… I have one that was my son’s (He’s 43) that is a 3-6 month size, so some day I will have to do a larger baby…


Oh isn’t he adorable!!


He is really precious. You’ve done a great job on this one. May I ask what sculpt the thumb nail picture is on the left. I think I have it and the name is Brandon (not sure). He is Kyle’s sibling, right?


He is cute


Thank you! Yes the thumb nail is Brandon by Pat Moulton Hard to find


You’ve done a great job on him Kristi :0)


Thank you!


Wow Kristi you are really good at the rooting thing!!! It is so hard to get the hang of it!! Especially to do such a great job like you did on this little one!,


Alot of practice- still improving The type of hair you use helps- this is Angela Sprott’s hair- thanks!!