My Special Cuddle baby is here!


Thought I would show you guys that sweet dolly I snagged off eBay last week- he already stole someone’s heart- so I’m only allowed to “borrow “ him sometimes- meet Austin- my son as taken claim to him!


Aw that is sweet. I love Dominic. I have one as a keeper.


What a sweetheart. I love that your son has a little buddy!


He tries to keep numerous ones! Sometimes he will guilt trip me when I’m boxing a doll- no lie! It’s hard saying NO to the little stinker- so we agreed that I can borrow Austin- sometimes;)


Thanks:) I thought this one would be mine;)


He’s adorable!




Oooh, your son is so sweet. My husband is the same way, he would keep every baby (since we don’t have children together).


So beautiful!!!


That’s so funny:) do you have any keepers that you’ve made?


Thank you:)


Oh so sweet!!! Congratulations on your new cutie pie and your little girl is so adorable sleeping with him aww!!


That’s sweet.


@PaperCityDolls Thank you for asking. I do have 3 keepers that I made, but I am only reborning for 5 month, so a year from now I might have more ‘irresistibles’.

1 - my 1st Ella

2nd - mini fairy Twinkle that I disliked till the moment I painted his hair, and then he reminded me my youngest grandson, so of course I couldn’t let him go

3rd - my newest baby Avi

I also have one baby-boy reborned by Jenni Lesser @jlesser - my very first reborn purchase, and baby-girl by Katina @Katinafleming

So, here is our Gentlemen Club: Oliver (Lillbror), Twinkle, Avi (Joseph)

and our Princess Club: Ella and Olivia (Sherry)


Your son is super edgy with his long hair. I have a feeling he’s way cooler than me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So sweet that he has a little friend


I love your babies! I can’t believe you haven’t been reborning for very long- your dolls are fantastic:)


Ohmygosh! I have two wild ones and one introvert:)


@PaperCityDolls Thank you so much for your kind words!


You are so brave! I was so scared of color in the beginning- your five months in and you made an avatar baby!!! AND he turned out great!


Thank you again! Baby Avi was the hardest to paint, but I also experimented a lot with him and learned so much, so I am so grateful for his patience!