My Shyann version boy









Such a handsome boy!


Love the eyes!




HE is gorgeous! You don’t see many boy shyanns- i love yours!


Adorable and amazing eyes!




I LOVE this version of Shyann!


You surprised me … he is so cute as a baby boy . I never seen any boys from this kit .
Good job !


his face being a girl I had the idea of transformation to change :wink:


Super cute, I love the combo of darker hair with blue eyes.


Awww, I love everything about him. I love the way you painted the eyebrows.


Oh I’ve never imagined Shyann as a boy. Your version is gorgeous. What a handsome baby boy.


Yes it’s the good idea for changing


the eyebrows are not painted but drawn :wink:


Either way, they look amazing. I like that they are not so arched, as they sometimes appear on this sculpt.