My reborn Robin..little baldie :)

This little one was born tonite at 8:02 pm. She’s a Robin sculpt (ordered her on sale), and she’s a baldie! I’m still not happy with my rooting skills, and she looked so cute bald, so bald she stayed. My daughter Jaylee really liked her, but when I put her together said she didn’t want her cause she was “kinda ugly” I am happy with her, and amazed how every one I do the skin tones look completely different… I don’t have any really good pics yet, but couldn’t wait to post her (I’ll try to get some better ones soon).

I also ordered a BB Ella on sale the other day cause Laila loves her, I think she’s kinda funny looking, but I’m gonna make her for Laila (good thing I have little girls, huh?). Laila wants hers to be a boy…

She is oh so cute…even bald!