My Realborn family


My Realborn family, these are just the realborns I have kept for myself.
from the left, Leif, Madison, Landon, Joseph 3 mth on him is one of the original realborns Thomas, Lavender, Quinn and Darren


LOL, I have one too!


I’m jealous!


Aw I love them all. My favorites are Leif with that blond hair and Madison :two_hearts:


I love them!!


They are SO cute!! Can’t believe you rooted big boy!!


They’re all beautiful!! I love your Lavender. :heart_eyes:


You need a summer Rain in your crew! Beautiful family!!!


I made a summer rain and sold her, she wasn’t my cup of tea


he was no problem, I’ve micro rooted 3 big toddlers and will be micro rooting another Katie Marie when I reborn her.


I love them all! I really love your Quinn!


Quinn’s one of my fav’s he looks so real


Love them all! :heart::heart_eyes: