My R.R. came today


I went to take the trash out and there was a box by the front door. Happy Happy me! It’s for me!!! It’s my R.R. Thank-You Rhonda sooooooooooo much! I soooo love the blanket! PASTEL LETTERING!!! My favorite colors … ft%20swap/Hit this link to view pictures !


Yeah!! Can’t wait to see mine and most of all, to finish getting the one I’m sending mailed!


We need pictures


Hit the photobucket link above my Ziggy pic. to see all the great stuff i got.


Wow…super nice!!


LittleBabies, happy you liked it! it was fun shopping for you (and yours). And I’m glad you got it so FAST! gotta love priority mail! Surprise!! Hugs to you!


Oh i love everything! Thank-You again so much!


Oh i love everything! Thank-You again so much! I cant wait to put everything on my keepers and take pictures.