My Prototype "Button" :)

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my latest baby, Liam. He is prototype #1 of the “Button” doll kit that will soon be released from Bloomers n Bows. His head was sculpted by Misty Hyndman. Thank you for taking a peek! Hugs, Chelle.

Great reborning, Chelle! He’s adorable. BOL with his auction!

He is stunning, Bol on his auction.

   Hugs tina

You did a great job…he’s precious!

Thank you all so much!! Hugs, Chelle.

Could I please hold him? I know he’s sleeping, but I won’t wake him! I just want to hold him!

He’s very sweet; great job!

Is “Button” the name of a series of dolls or what does “Button” pertain too? It’s probably obvious to everyone else, but give me a break I just got up!

LOL!! Well, I guess you can hold him if you like, . I am guessing “Button” is just the name of the kit. Everyone usually names the finished doll whatever they like anyway, so I kind of like the idea of naming the kit this way. Hugs, Chelle.

Awww…He’s adorable Chelle.


He is adorable Chelle! You did an amazing job!!

He’s adorable! Best of luck with his auction!

Congrats Chelle, he’s totally gorgeous.

Thank you all so much!! Hugs, Chelle.

So adorable. I love the second pic. Awesome job!

Oh, my, he is such a sweetie pie! You did an excellent job with him. Where do you buy the kits??

Thank you so much!! Karen, hopefully someday soon, I will be sending one of my babies your way.

The kits will be in Bloomers n Bows Ebay store.

Hugs, Chelle.

he is cute!! stunning!!!

great job!! congratulations!