My "Project Baby"


Hi Everyone,
My 2 sisters (Deleah and Jessica, Ages 13 and 10) have been working on a biracial reborn. Now please keep in mind that this will be their first completed reborn. They did a lot of the painting and some of the rooting. I helped out a bit with rooting and then I finalized and did LOTS of trimming and thinning out the hair… We have had tons of fun so far creating this baby, which will be being sold on ebay when finished.

The next baby they will be starting on will be most likely one of the K-Mart Berenguers.

My sisters and I were wondering if you would be interested in seeing photos of the kit so far? All it needs is eyes which at this time I STILL don’t have… The eye sockets were cut off on the inside and now the 20mm eyes are a bit too loose in there, so I am needing to get some 22mm eyes still That is okay though…those will come…

Thanks for reading!


Are you kidding??? Of course we want to see pictures. We ALWAYS want to see pictures. Bring em on!


I agree we want to see pictures.

   Hugs Tina


Okay…You all asked for it…
Here are the photos of the baby at the current state. Just needing eyes and the baby will be ready for the girls to put together and dress…Do you all see boy or girl?

The arms are finished painting as well…not too sure why I have no photos of those…

Thanks for viewing!


More Photos…Found the arm photos

Hope you enjoy seeing them…Sorry if there are too many…


I think they did an awesome job, The hair looks great so does the painting.

        Hugs Tina


Yeah, their rooting looks better than mine does.


I may have helped out a lot on the rooting…They did around the outside of the head, and I did most of the inside as well as the crown…which was not easy to do with the quality of the hair…I am used to the nice, straight/wavy conditioned high quality mohair where as that was Pearl Moon Mohair I believe and to me, was just harder to work with…

Overall I think the baby came out good, and I hope that it will do well on ebay.

I will try to get a photo of the girls holding the baby once finished however I think I may be the one to put it together as they just left to go back to school a couple hours ago…(They live with my mom and mostly only come here on weekends. We did this baby in 3 days or so…


They did a great job. I’m sure they’re so proud of themselves for making him.


I think they did great and I see a girl!


Oh My, Yes they are. They were SOOO excited when they finished painting him. I originally got the kit and hair from a woman on BB. The kit has a layer of Biracial coloring, so we went with that. At first they were arguing about who would get to make this baby, so we decided to all do it together and to sell the final baby to get money to get them each a kit as well as body, eyes etc for their next babies.
I hope this baby does well on ebay…I think they will be estatic.

Still have to figure out though…boy or girl…Deleah says boy, I say boy, but Jessica SWEARS it is a girl because the baby TOLD HER!

Anyone have any opinions?


Umm, I’m seeing boy too.


What a cutie. Nice job.


Awe, their baby turned out so sweet! I can’t believe they aren’t going to keep their first baby!


Great job on the baby! I see boy so far, but it might be different when it’s finished. Please post pics then!


I will, of course.

Angie- You see, THEY agreed to sell the baby AFTER arguing about who would get to keep it… They have agreed to sell the baby and use the money to buy themselves EACH a kit, cloth body, eyes, mohair, etc to make themselves EACH their OWN baby to KEEP. I think that is a good idea as well and it will give them each another baby to make.

They had a TON of fun helping to make this baby and I think the outcome really shows.


Do you think they’ll make enough off this doll to get a kit and all the supplies for both of them to make a doll? I hope you aren’t getting their hopes up… sales aren’t great on ebay, even for the great dolls. If it doesn’t sell, would you buy them kits so they can each have a baby? At 10 years old I’d be devastated to go through all that anticipation and hope, and end up empty handed.

Also, I was just curious. Why did you have them start with an AA baby? I wasn’t brave enough to attempt that till I’d done 10 or so. It’s tough to get the skin tone right. Kudos to them for trying it, but did you suggest they try Caucasian first? Caucasian babies are more fun in my opinion, you can get really detailed with veins and mottling and stuff like that. Not quite as much with AA babies.

I look forward to seeing their personal babies soon. It’ll be interesting to see how different the dolls can be when they each get to do their own. Or if little sister will try to copy big sister (speaking from experiance lol)


Looks really good. It’s hard to tell boy or girl without it being put together, but with those pics so far, I’d have to say boy.


Hi Alexis,
Thanks for your imput. I think they will make more than enough to get what they will need.
I figure if they each get a BB kit which you can always find around $25 each…maybe less if we can find them each a preemie…
Bodies (I have a friend who will make them bodies in trade for an outfit or 2…), eyes (You can find eyes in “lots” on ebay for $10 or so all the time) and mohair…I will purchase (2) 1/4 packs in the colors they choose for about $10 each if not a bit less…

Total: $80.00 at the MOST. I have the paint and everything here…and if they both end up wanting to do a closed eyed baby, which I think they do, that will drop another $10 off.
I do not think they will have ANY problem getting $80 out of this doll on ebay, do you?

I am not too sure what to start the baby out at, but maybe I will get some opinions on it.

As far as the reason for doing the biracial baby…we got the kit in the mail and it had a layer of biracial coloring to it, so we picked it up and went from there. I thought about stripping it, but the girls wanted to go for it, so we did.