My Presley is listed :(

Listed my darling Presley, I tried not to look at her too much so I wouldnt become emotionally attached :frowning:
Here is her listing, come cheer for lil Presley


Yes I still have Maya, I was going to list her with new pics but never got around to it yet.

I’m watching! BOL! Is that really a pic of your nursery? I love it!

Thanks a bunch, and yes thats the left side of my nursery, the other side couldnt fit in the pic lol

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Well, your nursery is just gorgeous! Lucky, lucky babies who live there! :slight_smile:

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Thank you (( hugs ))

No real children are allowed in the nursery lol, its for magical little babies only :slight_smile:

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Love the white eyelet dress. Did you make it?

No I got it on ebay over the summer and forgot all about it. I will check to see if it has a tag, im curious if its handmade too

*Just checked and the tag says “Starting Out” size newborn, so not handmade, never heard of this company though

I think it is Dillard’s brand of baby clothes? I have heard of it. The dress is sure cute.

Oh it might be. I love eyelet and lacy dresses, and bonnets, love bonnets!
Etsy has some adorable dresses, that sweet vintage look

Great photo shoot.

Thank you, its exhausting lol

Gosh I don’t know if I could part with this little one. Beautiful baby!

She may become baby #69, and with Presley asleep still in the making I may end up with twins :slight_smile:

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