My Presley Awake WIP


He or she is adorable! I want it to be a girl but look at how ADORABLE he is with just a boy sleeper next to him!
He’s going to have chocolate (medium) brown hair with a nice hairline.
What do you think, boy or girl?
Thanks for looking!
Love, Katie


I see a girl! Looking good!


Girl, just because of this beautiful crochet hat :smile:but so cute as a boy too ! Difficult !


I see a girl…beautiful paint job by the way :heart_eyes:


I can see either but oh my goodness…a baby GIRL!!! :heart_eyes:


I can see either, but I’m leaning more towards boy!


I see girl with the bonnet on and boy with the PJ’s!!! Sorry I’m not helping. But your painting is Sooooo realistic!:grinning::two_hearts:


Just adorable !!! Can go either way but would make such a beautiful girl. Your tones are amazing, wonderful job !!!


Sorry, but I see this little one as a BOY-----always have!! Beautiful workmanship!!


I’m leaning towards boy, but will reserve judgment until after the hair is rooted. Beautiful skin tones!!


Oh my word!!! This baby is amazing Katie!! Would be perfect as a girl or boy. Wow. Beautiful work!!!


Thank you soooo much for all of your kind comments!! I can see either but I was leaning towards boy, but then I see a girl! I’ll post pictures once I do the hair and then we will see for sure! Thanks for taking the time to comment!!


looks amazing


Beautiful as both but as a boy I want to pick him up and squeeze him. Pure sweetness!


I see beautiful painting!! Wow!! Either boy or girl! :heart_eyes: