My Poooor Baby!

My Poor baby just went on ebay for the fourth time! I have never had such a hard time selling a baby! What is wrong with this poor little guy! The first time I tried he was bald “Charlie” then he had hair and was still Charlie. That didn’t work and I changed him to a girl named Cassy. The 3rd time is the charm, right? I got a Non paying crazed maniac! I almost just quit right there! But she isn’t gonna get me down! (too much anyway) So I just made Cassy into Hayden Micheal and have listed him for 99 cents and No reserve! I even have a brand new template! This babies goin’ home! LOL Oh if you want to see the auction, here is the poor baby! … :MESELX:IT

I’m sorry you’ve been having such a hard time selling him. BOL with his auction!

he is such a cute little boy to, good luck,

Thanks Maliya and Sharon, well he did get his first bid last night, hoping he goes up enough to pay for what I have into him, but thats the chance I took.

I understand how you feel. I can’t give my babies away… BOL

I just added a new 3 piece outfit and a hooded baby sweater to what he takes home with him…

— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

I know how you feel…I can’t seem to GIVE my sweet Sera away. Ugh.

— End quote

I’m sorry Karen, I sure feel your pain! Mine ended up selling for $93.50 and he had all the outfits that were in the auction. I might have broke even, but I doubt it. I always said, when I couldn’t sell them anymore, it would be time to keep them. I have about 20 kits left to do, I feel like it is almost time to start making them for myself! Ebay stinks!
Oh, I love your Meg! Very pretty baby. I am working on her now. Just need to get the rooting finished.