My Pet Peeve - What's Yours?

I wish those who make the cloth/doe suede bodies for our babies would not make the arm and leg openings so BIG. Once they are stuffed, they come out much fuller than the actual limb. I don’t want to see my baby with a ‘muscle’

I wish those making the bodies could just slenderize those arm and leg openings. Anyone else feel that way?

And what’s your wish?


Yes, some are way too big, but I have been buying custom bodies from Angie and I like the ones she makes. I just don’t put too much (or too little) stuffing in the arm and leg part and they turn out nice. You kind of have to get it in the middle without making it overstuffed lol.
I did this with the “Michelle” kit that Jodiwitz has.
You might ask her to post a pic of Kaylee’s arms to see how I did it. Or someone else on here that can post a pic of theirs.
It can be frustrating sometimes though on certain ones. Just depends on who makes the bodies I guess.

My wish is…
That Eyeco could make a really light sort of greyish-blue in polyglass. (Slightly lighter than the ones they have) I do love the Cornflower and Dresden though.

I have actually taken the arm and leg caps off and made them smaller before. So, yes I agree.

Yep, that bothers me also. Another one, is the bodies that have a huge… umm… crotch area (can I say crotch on here?). So when you put the doll together, the poor baby looks like you could throw a basketball through her legs. I end up sewing it smaller. A baby has a frog butt… very narrow, a baby does not have secretary spread. I’ve bought some, not from anyone on a forum, but through a website and there was a good 5 inches between the legs. Too big for an infant.

If you ever buy bodies from me, all you have to do is request that the arms and leg holes be made the size you want. I aim to please my customers 100%. Tell me what you want and I will do my best to sew it that way.

I don’t like the bodies/patterns with the really long torsos. Looks weird.

I am also getting tired of fighting screwy sockets on kits that don’t allow the eyes to set evenly. It seems it gets worse with every kit I do lately. Especially kits I get on sale.

Yeah, Gina -

That, too. I had to chuckle at ‘secretary spread’. And Also - some of the bodies have a protruding belly. Forgot to mention that.


I like a bit of a belly on my bodies.

I am going to second the screwy socket thing also. I have had to fight with the eyes on my last couple of kits.

I make my own bodies, and sometimes do customs as well. I have modified my pattern to make slimmer caps, but I think the trouble (especially with premade bodies) is that regardless of what size kit you are making, the limbs that go with them may be either skinny or chunky and if you just make slim ones they don’t always fit around a big chunky limb. For example, think of a 22 stoete vs shick kits. Huge difference in diameter of the limbs and premade bodies are made to fit all kits.
However, I think that if you are having them custom made you should only have to mention that the limbs you are using are skinny and its no trouble at all the adjust them

I need to add that Janie (nightngale) makes WONDERFUL bodies!!! She is my new body lady.

Thanks Gina for the recommendation.

One of the reasons I’ve decided to start making my own bodies is because I just can’t stand the shape of some of the pre-made ones I’ve bought. I think most full leg bodies have the perfect shape for the belly. Chunky, but not pointy. Seriously, I have some bodies with pointy belly issues. And between the legs should not come to a point either, it should be flat across.

Anyone else notice that or is it just my OCD coming out? lol

Yup - pointy bellies - hate that. Wish I could sew well enough to make my own.


Oh my gosh - yes -
I just finished a baby last night and thought the same thing about her.


Sorry Judy your thread has turned into an advertise for me. Thanks girls for all the support. Now to what is my pet peeve…people who hi-jack threads LOL!

Janie -

Not a problem

It’s all the same theme and I’m getting some great leads.


Audrey, You know I love it, all in fun! That is the name of the game.

You can sew the seams bigger with a sewing machine, but don’t need to. You can use just a needle and thread. That will make the arm and leg caps fit more snugly.

I also sew a crescent shaped dart (cross ways) under the chin. I don’t care for babies who appear to be bending backward. I want their chins kind of tucked down.

Good hint Neva! I am going to apply that on the bodies that tilt the head back. I also llike the heads to tilt forward!