My personal garden Fairy Twinkle-boy


“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Finish this little guy yeterdayand listed in my Reborn nursery just for display as this little guy reminds me my grandbaby too much :slight_smile:

I know that not everyone likes alternatives, but for those who would like to see him here is the link:

And here is flowers for you, Ladies!


He’s lovely! And he really does look like your grandson!


How cute!! He might not only be “in your nursery” though. I don’t know much too much about so I could be mistaken. But the order button is there and it took me to paypal to place my order for $0 and free shipping… Just wouldn’t want anyone expecting a free doll. Might be something you can change…


His pictures are precious! And yes, it says order for $0 so you might want to change his status to adopted or reserved so no one can try to get him for free!


Uh oh! I saw that too just now. Yep @yelena. Go change his status to adopted


I love him and his little outfits are so cute !!! Wonderful job !!


He is a cute fairy. How big is he?


@Bec1273 @Katinafleming @hyelah1990 Good point! I forgot that same thing happen when I added Ella to my nursery and changed it eventually to Adopted after I answered several emails 'why she is so cheap?" LOL


@jubileej 12"


Oh my gosh I am so in love!!


Bwuahahah! I just came to say congrats on his sale… then read he is yours :slight_smile:


That is just the cutest thing. And I see the resemblance, especially from the forehead down to the nose. He’s adorable.




You did an awesome job with him! Just beautiful!


He is precious! Your pics are too adorable, especially the one with the flowers behind the ears! Wonderful job!


@jlesser Yeah, I thought I did it right when I set him as ‘Nurseri Only’, and my listing in Account showed that, but on the public page it seemed like he is for sale for $0.00 and I cannot save it without entering the price.
Maybe I should contact Dave.


Congrats on you Maia sale!


Thank you Everyone for you kind words!


Beautiful baby and listing!


What a cutie!


I think the ones that are Nursery only are still for sale but not promoted on the site. (or that was how it was before they added the free membership… it might still be the same)

And thank you. :slight_smile: Waiting to hear back from the customer now/tomorrow