My nursery page and mascot


She did a great job! I like it.


Thank you and sounds like you are doing a great job with your daughter. I took my kids out of school as middle school proved to be too difficult for both of them. My son did somewhat alright for the first 2 years but the third year he was coming home every day with severe headaches and was getting sick all the time due to the stress. I sent my daughter for the first year, not only was she bullied constantly but she did not have her aides half the time and she was lost, confused, and scared. She would come home like a zombie most days and promptly fall asleep. They are both doing so much better now, last year was our first homeschooling year. My son will start high school this year so Im a bit nervous about that because I want to make sure that he gets everything he needs to be able to pass the test to enter University in a couple years. He wants to go for computer science. He does a lot of self learning as well…he was always watching the discovery channel and the history channel when we lived in the US when he was little and now he watches education programs on Youtube and Netflix…he learned how to build a computer from videos on Youtube and he did a great job with no help from my husband and I. Youtube is actually a big help because I am not very good in math and we found a teacher on there, his name is Rob…we always say Rob is the best teacher ever because he even managed to teach me algebra and that is amazing LOL. My kids were both far behind in math because they held the both out of the regular classes and the specialised, NOT, teacher was just giving them multiplication worksheets to do. They are both very good in math so I don’t understand why they were held back. Anyway, I don’t think they have many schools who are geared toward our kids so I think its far better for those of us who can, to homeschool them once they get up in middle school or high school levels…sometimes even before that.


You are so right! Elementary wasn’t too bad, but by the time she hit middle school, it was a wrap. I sent to school a happy kid and got back an anxious, irritable, frustrated kid who was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. She was bullied by other kids and did not have the ability to defend herself. She still doesn’t. I try to teach her, hopefully she will learn one day.

We depend a lot on YouTube as well. There is a ton of information there, great travel channels, language teachers, just everything. I wish she would be a bit more like your son with the independent learning. She will do what I ask her to, not much more than that. I wish she would find an interest and research it.


Im trying to teach my daughter to be more independent as well. I think its one of the differences between Aspergers type autism and classic type.