My nursery page and mascot


I wanted to show off my little mascot for my nursery. It was drawn by my 13 year old daughter who was diagnosed with low functioning autism with no language at age 3. She is now considered mid to high functioning and speaks both French and English. She likes to draw cartoons and anime so I asked her to draw me a little zebra with a paint brush.
Ive posted about this before but I decided to use my nursery as a way to spread awareness of my connective tissue disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. People with EDS are known as Zebra’s. I send something “zebra” home with all my babies…a plush or a blanket. Ive also just gotten the equipment to make pacifier holders that will have a zebra ribbon on them. I also send an information sheet about the type of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I have and also list the other types, home with my babies. My new Facebook page is called Reborns by Zebra if anyone wants to come by. Right now I only have three babies posted but Ill be posting more soon. We have been very busy with summer goings on and we just picked up my step daughter from the airport in Paris on Sunday. She will be attending a University here in Lyon and its a huge change for her…she will be living in the dorms starting the very end of this month and attending intensive French classes. Fortunately her classes at University will be in English but they do what her to be fluent in French as well.
Here is my little zebra…he will also be making appearances on my photos from now on :wink:



I love this! It’s awesome how you incorporated zebras into all of your orders! :heart:️️
Also, my oldest son has Aspergers, and I think my 8 year old son does too. My recommendation to people is…if you don’t have someone with autism in your life, find someone. They are truly a gift to this world that people don’t see unless they take the time to get to know the person. :heart:️️


Yes, I agree. I have two others with Aspergers, my 16 year old son and my 26 year old daughter and I was also diagnosed with Aspergers. It was my daughter who got the rest of us diagnosed because I didnt really know what autism was until we started researching it due to my daughter. I never seemed to fit in and was always known as the weirdo so my diagnosis really helped me understand myself better. Also my husband with his 145 IQ and his PhD in biology, is also obviously an Aspie…its why we fit so well together :wink:
A lot of people don’t realise that most people with autism also can have very high IQ’s and can be very artistic as well. My daughter is so funny she said…“Im the artistic autistic” LOL


So cute!
The paint brush took me a minute because I didnt read first :wink: I thought it caught a fish… but now that I read it I see the paint brush.


LOL…yeah, its a bit wonky but she likes to draw kind of whimsical like that.


Lots of friends and family got diagnosed as a result of my son too. He’s 22 and was diagnosed at 5. Back then, nobody had really heard of Aspergers. Then all of a sudden, we had answers to why all the quirky people around us were so quirky. Christian is extremely smart. He’s always been incredibly quiet and reserved. But he has truly blossomed since going to college. He has friends now. Makes the presidents list all the time. Is in honor society. And he’s working at the college in a high stress, unpredictable job in the computer department. He gets anxious about it sometimes. But he doesn’t give up. He has learned to confront his insecurities head on. I’m SO proud of him. :slight_smile:


Thats awesome, Im glad he was diagnosed early as I am with my kids. Its so much easier and helpful when other people know and understand and don’t try to shove us into a box that we don’t fit in. Im so thankful for all the intensive therapy my daughter was given, we were very lucky and it made a world of difference for her. I also think it has a lot to do with the family environment and how much they are accepted just the way the are. Its ok to gently encourage your kids but when you push Aspies and Auties too hard all that does is cause higher anxiety levels.


I just went and liked your FB page.

My 19 yr old niece was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 5; she is in college now, works for an accounting firm, and recently got engaged. She’s beautiful, smart, and funny and a blessing to our family :heart:


Thanks so much for liking my page and glad your niece is doing so well, its good to hear so many success stories. So many people still look at Autism as a terrible thing and there are some aspects that can be difficult but the biggest problem is not being accepted by society, Im glad that continues to change. I love the quote from the Temple Grandin movie “different, not less”


Cute what a great job.




Very talented! I like very much!! :blush:


That is so wonderful. I did that with my nursery page as well. We are kangaroos over here as it was the name Children’s Hospital gave our little preemie. It touched my heart so that I just ran with it. I send home little stuffed kangaroos and blankets with our reborns :slight_smile: I’ve never heard of EDS, I will definitely read up on it. My 17 yr old daughter is DD with autism and mild CP and I am always amazed when she accomplishes something new. Your daughter is very talented. I’ll be dropping by to like your fb page.


Love this :heart:️I will find you on fb ! So awesome !


Your daughter is very talented !
I have a 9 years old son with Asperger and my husband is Asperger too. It’s not easy for a woman to live with a man aspi, I can tell you ! :grin: but I love my two “boys” !


Thank you everyone :blush:

Thanks so much for posting my page @jlesser

Thank you for taking the time to look up EDS @dinokc and nice to hear that someone else has a sort of “theme” for an important reason. I was wondering if anyone else did sort of the same thing. Thank you for the compliment to my daughter and telling me about your daughters challenges, sounds like she never stops trying, thats the way my daughter is as well…she can get frustrated sometimes but then she gets right back to it…very stubborn LOL.

@Bellybutton wow I bet that is difficult and challenging being the only neurotypical in the house but it sounds like you are doing just fine :wink:
Thank you for complimenting my daughters drawing…she has a books that she carries around that she is constantly drawing in. I think I should probably pick her up another one as we are going on vacation in a couple weeks and it would not be good if she ran out of space to draw!


Oh I have two neurotypical children too ! Life is all but boring here ! Not sure if only autistic girls are artist, but my son and husband are more in the “math and logical” thing.
Does she show interest at reborning ?


Yes, she does want to try…I told her I will give her one of my older BB kits and I can help her step by step. I have a feeling it will be the only one she does but at least we will have fun :slight_smile:


Great idea ! Sure it will be fun !


Love the adorable zebra. She did a great job! :blush:

I have a teenage daughter with autism too. She started off non verbal, but has come a long way and would probably be considered higher functioning. Stress makes her seem extra autistic… She is a major introvert who will probably have a difficult time holding down a job. I homeschool her. This year, I will begin to teach her how to start and operate a business. Next year will be advanced business with banking and accounting. :blush: