My Nolan with Libby limbs


I’m copying lauralou’s idea of doing nolan with libby limbs. Figured I’d ask for help before I got too far along. I know I have to fix the capillaries over the eyes. The paint was too thin so the lines got too wide and I didn’t realize at the time how long I had made them. He’s had several layers so far with a little blushing and mottling plus the blood veins and creases. She wants him to be fair skinned with not too much mottling since he is a little older.
I have a few more photos on photobucket at … %20Jessie/


Once you fix the capillaries over the eyes he will look great. I love the skin coloring and creases. The new mom should be really happy with him.


Aww! He is turning out to be pretty cute!


I worked a little more on him this evening. Starting to like him more and more. Photo was taken with my phone so it isn’t the greatest but just wanted to update the progress.


Almost finished painting Nolan. Wanted to add some updated photos. Please feel free to tell me the truth! I still have nails, nose shadiing and some on the feet to finish.


The person I’m making Nolan for has fallen in love with his bald little head! So no rooting on him. Finished the last details and am sealing him today. Just waiting for his permanent eyes to come in and then to stuff him and send him home to his new mommy. He has grown on me and turned out better than I thought from the photos of the sculpt and I do like the libby limbs on him. Soon he will be going home to Mommy!


That’s great that he has a home already :0) Bald babies are so cute :0)


Looks great, yes I think he looks cute as a baldie.
I just bought that sculpt too as it was only $15, great price for someone like me who is just starting out.


It’s a boy as of 11:19 EST. Just got him finished…hoping to mail him to mommy after a photo shoot tomorrow. I love the eyes she picked for him. Eyeco Midnight Star. They just jump out at you. Here are a couple of quick photos taken tonight.


Are you going to give him eyelashes???


No, she is disabled and wants to be able to cuddle and sleep with him…comfort baby! So no eyelashes, hair or eyebrows since they would wear off. If his paint does eventually, I’ll just get her to send him back for touch-ups. Glad to see him being loved instead of just on a shelf even if he does get worn. Plus he’s one sculpt that can pull off the bald look!


Here is my girlie so far


— Begin quote from “lauralou”

Here is my girlie so far

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Your creases look GREAT… what color are you using??? (Please)…


Blush and a bit of pyrole red both tones
I kinda just mix around most of the time lol it comes out different each time I like my creases dark


— Begin quote from “lauralou”

Blush and a bit of pyrole red both tones
I kinda just mix around most of the time lol it comes out different each time I like my creases dark

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BB warm blush? It looks so good.


Yes ty