My nice finds at the goodwill


Those are beautiful…lucky you!!


Wow! Nice finds. Those dresses are beautiful


You did wonderful with those cute items. Cant wait to see your babies in them.


Thank you


Great Finds!!! I just love going to the Goodwill Store and seeing all the great clothes :heart:


Thank you


The Goodwill stores in this area just throw all the donated baby clothing in a big waist-high bin and have nothing else. You can try to sort through it but I’ll bet there are things on the bottom that have been there for years! No way anyone could reach them without climbing in! LOL


Day, who has time to go through a bin.


Me. I’d climb right in if I thought there might be a fantastic find in there somewhere. LOL


Lol, I don’t have the patience. The goodwill I go to, the clothes are hung nicely, by size n gender.


Not me, the whole store makes me itch!


I have been to goodwill stores like yours and I have at times taken the time but usually end up taking more time than I wanted to spend out of my day and it makes me agitated so not any more. Never any great finds for me in the bins. Everyone mixes everything else into them as they walk along dumping stuff.


Yep, it’s a shame too. If they’d keep the place cleaner and make a little more of an effort to present what they have in a better way I’m sure they would take in more money!


Wow!! Awesome finds!! I found a Petite Ami dress for $ .99 at my Goodwill last year with the smocking on the front. I was so excited. :blush:


Thank you


Wow nice! No Goodwill in my town. :sob: