My nice finds at the goodwill


I lucked up on these nice outfits at the goodwill. Two of them are new with tags.


NICE!!! I need to check out my goodwill! Lol. :slight_smile:


Lovely …I go to goodwill looking for pretties all the time too.Awesome find.


I use to to every Monday. Everything is 50% off. I have so many clothes. I have no room for anymore. So now I fight the urge to go every Monday.


Thank you


Those are my favorite dresses with the bloomers and buttons up the back, can’t find them anymore. You really did luck out!


You made out like a bandit lol! How exciting :blush:


Wow, those are beautiful!


Thanks ladies. I’m tempted to go Monday to see if I find any more.


Nice finds


My good will used to have nice finds all the time, but not much anymore. I need to visit some different ones. I love the dresses with the hats




Thanks ladies


You are a shopping pro! Those are all so sweet and just the type little outfits I love. Haven’t been to our Goodwill lately, their baby clothes are usually very used and their prices are sometimes higher than the ones in the consignment children’s stores where I usually shop. Your Goodwill store must be a great place!


Wow my goodwill never has anything near this nice! Great finds!


You got some sweet deals. Those outfits are adorable. My Goodwill took out the baby section and replaced it with furniture. It was great while it lasted, though.


That’s terrible! How did they get rid of a baby section!?!?!


Wowee these are insanely gorgeous, I’m jealous!!


I guess they thought furniture would make more money but I got some good stuff there.


What a shame :frowning: