My newest painted hair baby Isabel

Meet my newest baby Isabel, she started life as the Benjamin kit by Adrie Stoete, now listed on ebay so wish her luck.

She is incredible!!! I had to look a couple times because I thought it HAD to be mohair! WOW!!

Not many people can pull off painted hair like that. It totally looks like rooted mohair. She’s gorgeous!

Can I send over my babies heads and let you do the hair. That Baby head of hair is so good. omg

Oh my, that hair is amazing - looks so real. I’ve painted hair but mine NEVER looks as good as yours does. What brushes do you use? Or better yet, do you have a tutorial? Thanks for sharing and BOL with your auction. Hugs, Sonja

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I don’t have a tutorial or anything thing like that I’m afraid. I use many different brushes from riggers to number 10s but they must hold a very good point.

WOW OMG love the painted hair! gorgeous baby!

I can’t get over how real that painted hair looks she is fantastic. i love that sculpt anyway but i really love her, you did an awsome job on that hair and the painting of her as well.