My newest keeper! Pic heavy lol


I think cats are the best friends for Aspi because they are more indépendant, more calm than a dog. And he love to pet their soft fur !

It’s hard to loose a cat, I can’t imagine how painful it will be with Matrix, I love him so much, he is part of my life for so long. But kitten bring us a lot of joy and laugh ! Enjoy every moment with Loki !


My niece was recently diagnosed with Autisim. They are thinking about getting her a kitten to help her cope. She’s four. I’ve never had a cat so I’m hoping one of you will know more about them and their behavior but she is big on cuddling. She carries around their ferret like he’s her baby. Will a kitten allow for that? I’d hate for the kitten to be uncomfortable with the constant holding. Any input?


It may be a better idea to go with an adult cat, then can choose one that is good with young children. But if they teach her to be gentle, there is no problem. Cats choose when they want to be pet and usually dont like to be hold.
If I was the parents, I will wait a year or two. My cats are used with children but they just begun to be trustfull with my oldest sons (7 and 9 years).


That is what I was thinking. I’ve actually offered to make her a dolly because she doesn’t always know her strength. It kinda worries me. I’m a animal lover but I’ve just always had big dogs so I kinda figured cats in general are fragile in a sense but like I said I don’t know much about them. They are with her more so they know her more than I do so I’m sure they will make the best decision for her.