My newest keeper! Pic heavy lol


LOL…smart kitty!!!
A few of mine are a little on the portly side as well :wink:


What a cutie! Those little toes!


Cutest kitten ever ! Congratulations !
I have 3 cats, my older one is 16 years old. When he will be no longer with us, I have made the promise to my Asperger son to choose is own cat as he love them so much. I hope he will choose a toxedo cat, they are the best !

My old baby


Oh my gosh look at that face! LOVE that sweet kitty face! Congratulations on your new baby!


What a pretty baby!!! Congratulations!


Me too! Adorable little toe beans :slight_smile:


At least Trooper is monitoring from the right side of the screen! Mine always wants to sit on the keyboard.


It sounds like the cats have you trained :). My poor babies have to practice their murderous instincts on puffy balls and toy mice. Then they want to announce their ”kill” loudly at three in the morning.


Such adorable pictures. I enjoy cats from afar as I’m alleric.


He looks old and wise :slight_smile:


Ming, my siamese, likes to carry fluffy balls in his mouth howling around three am as well :wink: All my cats would be more than happy to sit on my computer if I let them…especially in the winter. Thats is when Coconut lays on me as well…if she’s not hungry or cold or wants to go out, I really have no purpose LOL.


When my 14 year old beagle-mix died two years ago it left us with one dog and one cat who are bonded buddies and we swore we wouldn’t have any more pets until they are gone. Recently this woman kept posting on a page I follow that she had to move in a month, two weeks, a few days and couldn’t take her cat. The night before she moved she posted that she’d been crying all day because she had to take her cat to the shelter first thing in the morning. I must have lost my dang mind because I told her to bring it to me…This is my new baby Carrie Fisher Kitty Cat image|623x500

She’s a big flirt and a lap cat :slight_smile:


My cat used to snuggle my five gallon aquarium when he was cold! The poor fish just got used to it :joy:


Here’s my grouchy Boo and his dog buddy Miles


What a good thing to save her !
The only reason I can’t have more pets it’s the town rules, no more than 4. So I am “limited” with 3 cats and a dog.
I have a lap cat too !


Love his little nose!!!


thanks! It really felt good to know I was able to help her out. I send her old owner lots of pics so she knows her baby is happy and well cared for. And Carrie really is a sweetie even if she does wake me up in the middle of the night :slight_smile:


So sweet.


Aww so cute I love his eyes and you did a nice job on his photos


Thanks everyone! He’s just the sweetest, he hates being alone haha He is just so friendly and lovable.
@Bellybutton that sounds good :slight_smile: I also have autism and I just adore cats, in fact my very first word as a baby was cat lol We got Loki partially because we lost our old cat Muffin, who was 14 or so, earlier this year.

@ZeldaDawn aww! She’s so lucky to have you! She’s super beautiful!

@katieperry I know right! His eyes are so gorgeous, I wish the would stay this color but it’s unlikely. His pics were hard lol he’s so squirmy, and he kept swatting at my camera lens :joy: He’s such a funny cat