My newest keeper! Pic heavy lol


Meet Loki! My newest keeper! He is the sweetest little thing, he’s so loving and snugly. And SO SO soft lol We’ve had him about two weeks now and he’s starting to fit in nicely. Our 1 year old pup just loves him, she tries to wrestle him but doesn’t realize how much bigger she is. Our other cat isn’t happy about his arrival, but she’s warming up to him a bit.
Other than that, he has this strange condition. It’s called Photographer’s child Syndrome :joy: He hates the camera lol he doesn’t mind a phone camera but as soon as he sees my good camera…he’s gone lol




Sooooo cute!! Congrats! :heart_eyes_cat:


Awe, hes so cute, I love tuxedo cats!!!
I love cats, in general…I ended up with 6 of them, two are white, Coconut and Trooper, one orange, Sunny, one linx point siamese, Ming (he came with his name and is Sunny’s brother believe it or not), one grey with white on his chest and paws, Mr. Mittens and one solid black, Blinx. I had my 3 rescues from the US when we moved here (Sunny, Ming, and Blinx) and then we rescued two sisters as tiny kittens (Coconut and Trooper) and then we found one in our back yard half starved (Mittens). One of my friends who lives in the US just rescued two solid black males…and one she named Loki :wink:


I love those little pink paw pads :wink:


Aww sounds like you’ve had quite a few lol So have I, about a year ago we fostered a mama cat and her 3 day old kittens. They were all males, Two solid black ones named Koby & Karma, One black and white one named Kenda, And an orange one named Kaine. Mama’s name was Marina. Seeing them together was funny because Kaine stuck out like a sore thumb, until you saw his mama and then you knew where the orange came from
This is mama Marina


We also have our cat Scottie, who is brown & white with some black. And foster cat Jimmy who is black and white also.


Its great that you foster…Id do that but end up with 20 cats if I did LOL.
This picture on the bottom looks like Mr. Mittens. We also have two dogs, a border collie named Echo and a Bichon named Nico…I told my son when he named Echo that their names sounded too similar but she’s smart and she knows the difference. Nico…not so much LOL
Here are my kitties…I added in a couple funny ones :wink:

I don’t have to worry about anyone monitoring my computer behaviour…except for Trooper…shes making sure Im not doing anything wrong…maybe she just doesn’t want me to buy a swimming pool :joy:


Aww they’re super cute lol It is hard to not keep them all haha Jimmy is a permanent foster, as he’s considered “unadoptable” which is okay with me cause I adore him. Marina is also considered a difficult one to adopt out, but we don’t have her with us anymore. She’s still partially feral, unfortunately. But she’s safe and well now so she’ll be okay


Mittens is still very jittery as well…he was out on his own for a long time. When we found he we thought he was only 6 weeks old but the vet said he was 6 months. He’s still on the small side. He’s also fine with us…but very wary of other people and loud noises. He is sometimes scared of my son for some reason but other times he’s fine.


I’m glad he’s doing better :slight_smile: Marina was so nervous the first few days with us she nearly stopped caring for her boys. She wanted to so badly but she was just so scared she didn’t know what to do. I would have to pick her up and put her in the box with the kittens so they could nurse. She got better, especially once the boys were more independant and she saw we weren’t going to hurt them.


My Mom rescued a mommy with a litter of kittens…they had to put out humane traps to catch them. She had them under the house so they were feeding her but didnt want to capture her as they could not get to the kittens so they waited until they were walking around. They found homes for all the kittens and kept the mommy…her name was Goldie, she lived a good long life :). She was a ginger like my Sunny. I wonder if maybe its easier to tame them a bit when they have kittens…I think they know you want to help and that you are not going to do anything bad to them.


Sometimes it is, I guess it depends on the cat’s personality and how long she’s been outside. Marina, though we’re not sure how long she was out, we estimate she was only around a year old, and this was her second litter of kittens. They only found one of her previous litter, he was probably like 12 weeks old so the second litter was conceived incredibly soon after the first was born. She was so so thin. She never really trusted us too much, but she was sweet as long as you moved slowly and were quiet


Goldie was like that too but she was far more calm when it was just my Mom and Dad. She seemed to like me if none of the kids were around. Mittens has a totally different personality outdoors than he has when he’s indoors. Im fortunate enough to live out in the country away from the main roads. I let my cats in and out all day, we are looking into getting a kitty door. My husband has to cut a piece of wood to fit in the sliding glass doors to put the kitty door in. We don’t have anywhere else to put it because we can’t cut through out front door, its made of metal inside, and our walls are about two feet thick. Most of my cats just hang out in our yard but Trooper and Mittens like to go in the neighbours yard and Trooper likes to hunt in the field behind the house. We call her a serial murderer because she will kill anything…rats, mice, moles, birds, and lizards…shes bad LOL


All my kitties are in at night though…I can’t sleep unless they are all in the house. They are out a lot in the summer but they stay indoors most of the time when its cold out.


Yeah, I live in the city so I’m super paranoid about mine getting out. Even my dog, because she won’t come when called (beagle nose gets her in trouble) Loki likes to sit on my lap outside and get attention from the neighbors, so he’ll be getting a tag and collar as soon as he’s big enough for one.


I still worry about having them out but we not only live on a gravel road down from the road we use to reach the main roads but my cats rarely go up to the road…we caught Trooper up there which really scared me but apparently she stays out of the road. When we lived in California one of our cats got out and she was killed by a coyote…that still hurts me so badly…she was murdered and drug away. We only found her fur and some blood. Im thankful there are no prey animals here where we live or there is no way Id let my cats out. I don’t blame you for keeping them in living in the city. I wouldn’t let mine out either.


That must’ve been the worst :frowning: Poor kitty
i just worry about mine way too much, and they’re cute so I wouldn’t want anyone stealing them lol Plus jimmy has feline leukemia and is contagious so he is absolutely not allowed out of his room haha only when he gets in his carrier to go to the vet.


Yeah, I feel so guilty because we went out on a day long trip and none of us realised she had gotten out. I was too busy trying to get the car packed and the kids wrangled.
Awe poor Jimmy…Im glad he has a home with you, Im sure you keep him happy and loved :slight_smile:


I understand, I’d feel so bad too.
We’ve had him since he was 4 months old, and he’s just over 2 now. He was bottle fed and hand raised as a kitten. Him and his brother were found in a dumpster with no mama to be found anywhere. We believe they were dumped there. He is very loved , maybe a little too much lol, he needs to be on a diet. He tries to cheat at the vet by not putting all his feet on the scale :joy::joy::joy: