My newest addition! Tracy by Donna Rubert


After almost 6 months, I recieved my custom baby on Friday (happened to be my 20th birthday!!). I’m not very happy with the artist’s work, but he was less than 200 USD, so maybe I should just be grateful? He mostly has messly lined creases and bad nails (which I think I can fix).

I was contemplating not keeping him, but despite his flaws he’s starting to grow on me!


Oh, He is Tracy by Donna Rubert!


He’s a cutie.


Thank you!


He’s cute!


I am just nitpicking those eyebrows are way too high as well. Is waiting 6 months normal for customs? That seems a bit much to have to wait. He is still a cutie though!


He has a nice color, though the brows are a little high he is still cute. The only complaint I have, but know you can fix, is that the brows are kinda shiny.


It’s not at all a normal amount of time for a non popular artist! It was extremely frustrating to work with her, this baby was supposed to be done in January at the latest.


Yeah I’ve noticed that, I’ll probably see what I can fix on him this week


Congratulations on getting him, I should have said that first!


Nice coloring on your new bub. Enjoy him. We all have flaws so not being perfect is ok. With your touches, he will look even more adorable. Good luck!


Shame about the eyebrows, the rest of the baby looks very nice!


Happy belated Birthday! :partying_face: :birthday:

The baby is cute, I like the name a lot.


Thank you!


Honestly the brows are one of the things bothering me the least about him


Thanks :smile: I’m sticking to a nature theme with my babies, also it hasn’t stopped storming since I got him!


That price is very, very low especially for a custom. If you want a good quality reborn then expect to pay at least $350. He is a lovely reborn :blush:


I love the zebra blanket, is that yours or did it come with him?
Im always on the lookout for zebra stuff for my babies.


Oh i have seen much worse!!! His coloring actually looks pretty good. The eyebrows could be better though…can you post a pic of his limbs showing the creases?


I think he is adorable!