My new work station


I just had to share this repurposed cart.

My hubby wanted me to be able to paint my dolls in the living room with him (not at the kitchen table) in my recliner watching our favorite tv shows together. So he attached drawer pulls and made me a wooden pull out table so I can roll it over to my chair, pull the table top out over my lap. I love it!


Oh my, that’s amazing! I’m jealous, haha.


What an awesome husband!


That’s awesome.


and you can watch Blue Bloods, YAY! LOL
What a great husband :slight_smile:


What a nice hubby!


That fantastic and I love the board.


Creative Hubby!!! He wants you near him, what a sweet heart.:two_hearts:


That was sweet of him.


How sweet of your hubby and it looks like he must be creative too. :blush:


Thank you everyone for your kind words this is a wonderful group :grinning:. Yep watching Blue Bloods lol!


That is awesome!! I sooo want one like that!!


WOW, that’s awesome, I thought I recognized Danny Reagan on that TV!! hahaha