My new toddler


Trying different hair styles and clothes on this big girl I am calling her Inara Emmaline the lighting is terrible here have been in the dark for the last three days sure would welcome the sun.


She is absolutely beaitiful… I love her littlr pouty expression and hair.


Thank you ! wish I could get better pictures but that’s life do a lot of wishing lol


Love her!


Thank you !!


She’s so cute!! Looks like she has a little attitude with her little pouty face. :blush:


Thanks !! and yeah she has that look I just love that sassy face lol now if it was real might feel different :smile:


She won’t give you too much trouble. :joy:


No she good hey she is even potty trained lol


That’s the good thing about these reborns. They’re very well behaved and never cause trouble or make a mess.