My new Tinky #3 AKA 'the princess has arrived''


I am pleased to share with you my new Tinky #3 AKA ‘the princess has arrived’’.
Magically adorable Tinky is looking for her forever home and a new Mommy to bring magic to someone’s life.
She is posted on Reborns if you would like to see some more photos with details.


She’s precious!


She is just the cutest little sweetie ever!!


You do a very nice job with these. This one is cute too. :blush:


She’s such a cute wrinkly little thing :laughing:


Those wrinkles and ears - what makes her so special, and of course those huge naive trustfull eyes. I would think I would be tired of her already, not the case, I would gladly paint the 4th one.
Plus I learn something new with each of them.

Thank you @Mommarobin @katieperry @DollyPardon @ellakabella for your comments :slightly_smiling_face:


Adorable! I especially love her in the white outfit and floral crown!


Thank you @AlyBrick. My husband said when he saw that picture " You didn’t dress her properly for the outside". LOL


LOL she’s an elf- she can get by with a lot more orneriness than us humans!


She is adorable.