My new sculpted head

This is the head I sculpted over the summer, on my “vacation”. Started working on it about a month ago, then made a pause, then finished it the day before coming back to Zagreb. Not too pleased with it, but it’s still better than the open eyed “horror head” I posted some time ago
What do you think? Honest opinions, please

I love those lips. My favorite part.

Thank you, girls!

I agree that the left side looks better. I’m actually very pleased with the left ear, and I hate the right one
Thanks for pointing out the deep crease thing. I wasn’t aware of that one!

I think if you can get the proportions straightened a little this could be a VERY cute baby!! Good job!!!

I love the lips too.

From the side it looks like Brayden.
Tamper with it some more you are getting there it looks good

Thanks! But I’m not going to be on that Nicole J. Russel level of detailed perfection for a long time. Or ever

I don’t want this to sound crazy but your little person looks like my grandfather. I LOVED my grandfather!!!

I used to study him often while he slept in his chair and you’ve pretty much nailed it! Now seriously…I think the ear ‘cup’ should be just a bit more delicate for a little baby
and the crease in front of the ear made a bit more shallow and softened.

I think if you can get the right side to match the left and soften the rest of the sharp creases you will have a cutie on your hands. I look forward to watching this process.

I applaud you Martina for trying sculpting at this size. maybe someday we will be making your kits too. That would so wonderful!!!Yay for you and Katy!!!

Cindy - actually, it’s easier to work “big”. Making a small sculpt requires smaller tools and more detailed work. I had some Super Sculpey on my hands and didn’t know what to begin with it for a long time

Jamie - I’m not ambitious, I wouldn’t know what to do with these even if I made a potential kit with nice head and limbs. I’m too far away from any true sculpting “action”, let alone to start thinking of producing a kit Just enjoying sculpting at this time. I’m more skillful with clay jewelry, animal figurines or camera replicas which help my doll budget Just recently started to “study” the human body and proportions. A looong way to go

Martina, you’re doing great! I know for certain I could never do it! Congratulations on your progress!