My new facebook page...please LIKE :-)


Hi Everyone,

I have a new facebook page up for my nursery. I would be grateful if any of you that have facebook could go over and “Like” it. Its new so Im trying to get it built up.

Thank you in advance! … 1566038916


I liked you.


Heading there now, if you’d do the same for me!

Always looking for more opinions!

Would you guys check out and like my page? I would appreciate it! Thanks!!


“Liked”… your babies are very nicely done… Hope you will hang around the forum and participate with helpful tips… That’s what it is about!!


Liked you both!!


I liked. Please like me—


I went and liked your page and realized we live in the same state! You have beautiful babies! Would you please like my page too? … 0361275367


Trying to get my computer to stay connected today but it keeps going offline. What does liking a facebook page do? Does it just show up as being popular? Can you search for specific things on facebook like you can google? I have an account that my daughter set up for me to use but rarely get on it, very rarely LOL! I’ll try to check out your pages later today.

For Northern Lights Nursery, two things that I would change if I could would be to say that the dolls are created over a few weeks instead of days unless you really are that fast of a worker! And it would be cute if someday you could get a background with the Northern Lights on it and emphasize your nursery name more. Don’t know if you can get the person who makes them on ebay to customize one for you. Mine only cost $10 so it might be worth checking into. But I still tried to “like” you…not sure if it worked with this computer fading in and out of access today.