My New Christmas Boy!

Hello!! I wanted to introduce you to my newest baby. He is my Christmas baby for this year. I just LOVE how he has turned out! He is so snuggly, I can’t make myself put him down. I hope you enjoy his pictures.

Hugs, Chelle.

HE IS ADORABLE!!! Thank-you for making him for me. He will be perfect under my tree. I WISH!!! WONDERFUL JOB!!!

LOL!! Thank you so much!! I wish I didn’t need Christmas money so bad or he would definitely be staying with me. I just can’t get enough of him!! Hugs, Chelle.

Oh my goodness, what a cute cute boy! He is so sweet.

I love him! I want him! I wish I had the bucks!!


he is a darling. I can see why you can’t put him down…

Awwwww I love him Chelle …he is so adorable!

What a sweet little man! Great job.
Always been a favorite face.
BOL on his auction.

Wow he is darling!! You did a wonderful job on him! Congrats on getting a bid already, I have a feeling he is going to go sky high for you!!

he is such a chunky fellow…he is adoreable no wonder you cann’t put him down…

Thank you all so much!! He has 1/4 limbs…I just love how cuddly he feels with them. Hugs, Chelle.

he is gorgeous…someone will be so happy to get him for Christmas

Is is a cutie! You did a great job!

— Begin quote from “snickers”

Oh…haven’t seen that face for while. He is adorable, so sweet!. Foxmom, you Christmas baby is gorgeous too!

— End quote

I agree, foxmom, where did you find that adorable outfit!


Thank you all so much!! I found his little Reindeer sweater outfit a good while back at K-Mart during their after Christmas sale for $3.00!! It was so cute, I couldn’t pass it up. I have been patiently waiting for a Christmas baby chunky enough to wear it. Hugs, Chelle.

Edited to add
OOPS!! I didn’t read the quote right. I thought you were talking about Elliot. LOL!! Foxmom, that outfit is so adorable!!

Thank you, Karen!

What a georgous baby he is, you did a fabulous job on him…

Thank you, Lorna. I would love to see more pictures of your siggy baby. He looks adorable! Hugs, Chelle.

He is so adorable! I love those Berengeurs! I want one so bad but the K Marts in the Kansas City area have closed.You did a great job on him!!

What a fantastic job you did with Elliot. That is my favorite Berenguer face and I have one sitting just as he came from the factory. I would love to root him someday. I love yours.