My New Baby Clara by Toby Morgan- now Tara! PIC INTENSE



Oh My Goodness, she is beautiful!!! What an awesome job on the photography in picture 1 too!!
You did it again Kristi!!


She is gorgeous! Love those eyes. In the first photo she looks real. Are you keeping her or selling her?


She is beautifully done… I really like the complextion color you have achieved…


I love the second picture of her she is a little sweet heart!


Thank you ladies- I am doing more pics today in different outfits


I think I will sell her-posting on Etsy now. I have another Clara though- maybe I will make one to keep


— Begin quote from “trapple575”

I love the second picture of her she is a little sweet heart!

— End quote

Ditto…she’s a beautiful baby; good job!


Wow - how beautiful! You won’t need any good luck wishes on her - she will sell herself! Beautiful creamy complexion too - while the photography is great of course, that second shot looks like a real baby.


Great rooting job and adorable baby. You can send her to me!! hee hee!


You did a great job on her Kristi, my favorite picture is the first one :0)


Thanks! Happy father’s Day everyone!


What a beautiful baby. love all the picture


she’s so cute, Kristi! I especially love that first picture of her with the light and shadow. Lovely baby.


She is adorable, so realistic! She looks suprised by the camera


Wow Great job. Her eyes look great too.


Well all i can say is***************************** AWSOME!!! jUST LOVE THE COLOR OF HER EYES.


I love her! I can’t wait to graduate to “big girl” kits


wondering if she would make a good sculpt match for catherine at a young age if I can still get the kit. Here is her photo that makes me think of clara.