My new babies...a work in progress!

Great job Sarah! Terrific on the hair painting. I think they all look natural and wouldnt even sparcely root except for the girl with painted hair with the head band on… I would root on her just cause it doesnt appear to look as natural on her as the others for some reason…may be darker strokes on her or something. Avery and the boy are fabulous howerver on their hair painting.

really nice. how did you do that? It will never get mussed up

They all look nice. Avery is my favorite. I have enough trouble with rooting, I don’t even dare try painting hair!

I love them all but Love Bailey & Brea! There are little carrot tops popping up everywhere! Great job on all of them. I like it just painted but if you add hair I’d probably like that too. I love them like this though. Who is the last baby? So cute! Familiar but I can’t tell.

Sarah~they are darling. Is the first little red head Jannek sculpt?

they are all so cute, the painted hair does look good.